Our Objectives

  • Provide minimal jobs for the underemployed, unemployed, and disabled population of both gender of Antsirabe.

  • Decrease cutting down trees in order to provide charcoal or firewoods, and papermaking through our briquetting and recycled paper production.

  • Reduce greenhouse gases, and rather generate clean energy by turning the collected waste into renewable energy.

  • Help Madagascar attain related UN sustainable development goals: no poverty, education, gender equality, clean energy, economic growth, industry and infrastructure, no inequality, responsible consumption, climate action, life on land, and partnership.

Our Goals

  • Decreasing dumping of waste into landfills by 40% by year 2030.

  • Increasing employment rate and decreasing poverty within 3 years at least.

  • Provide locally made products at a competitive price, which is affordable to the community.