About Us

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     ARM ECOTSARA deals with pre-collects, collection and treatment of wastes that aims to bring a sustainable solid waste management and economic impact in building better treatment plants in Antsirabe, Madagascar.


       Our goal is to stop wastes from going to landfills and rather directly to our treatment house and be converted to valuable products such as compost, briquettes, recycled paper, and renewable energy. Its main core is to emphasize high value, high quality products and services for/to our valued customers and clients at competitive rates which is affordable to the community.


             ARM Ecotsara opts to help the region and its government in managing the waste and provide minimal jobs for the underemployed, unemployed, and disabled  population of both gender of Antsirabe, and help enhance its environment and people.

Why ARM Ecotsara?


Recycle today, for a better tomorrow.


Waste collection is just the beginning. We'll handle the dirty work while you take care of your business. Through investments, education and innovative technologies, we work hand in hand with the people and communities to contribute to a better environment.